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    House rules of Porsche-Auction

    “Porsche-Auction” is an auction house in which Porsche vehicles, vehicle components, vehicle accessories and automobilia (“Auction Goods/ Items”) are auctioned in an online form.

    The auction takes place on our website online. Bidders must register and accept our General Terms and Conditions to participate. However there is a possibility to be present at an auction at our warehouse in Hungary. In order to participate in person, you must contact a day prior to the Auction end date.

    Bids for in person participates are visible online as if the auction house placed the bid. 

    Online bidders are hidden in front of each other.

    The auction house allows buyers to inspect the auction goods prior to an auction. The time and place of the inspection are subjects to discussion. However the products can be seen anytime online or in the purchased auction catalog.

    The bidding increments are at least 10,00 € for a value of the auction goods up to 100,00 €, 20,00 € for a value up to 1000,00 €, 50,00 € for a value up to 2000,00 €, 100,00 € for a value up to 5000 and 1000,00 € for 5000,00 € or more. The auction house is entitled to change the amount of the bidding increments.

    After every bid placed for an auction the finish time is extended with 10 minutes, so you don’t have to worry about bidding in the last seconds.

    You will receive an email from us and will be asked to fill out your billing and shipping information if you haven’t already. After receiving this email you can also state if you would like to pick up the products in person or would like some special insurance via an email to, your default is standard shipping. Then, shipping cost and applicable VAT is calculated and an invoice with direct bank transfer/ Paypal details are sent to you in a second email. Once it is proven that the fund is wired we will dispatch your product.  

    We provide opportunity on product pages for customers to name their price under the minimum bid, or offer a product in exchange for the listed one. 

    The acceptance of the bid shall oblige the buyer to pay the hammer price, and the value added tax.

    The costs for postage and packaging will be charged according to expenditure. If the buyer wishes an insurance, he has to mention and bear the costs for this. The shipment of the auction goods shall take place after payment of the purchase price invoiced to the buyer as well as the packaging and shipping costs.

    Buyers who wish, can collect their purchased products in person at our Warehouse in Hungary free of charge. The date and time are subjects to discussion.

    We are using direct bank transfer and Paypal as method of payment. After the winner receives the invoice via e-mail, the stated amount has to be transferred to the detailed Bank Address, by the preferred method.

    Buyers, who are present in an auction have the possibility, to pay the purchase price for the auction goods at the day of the auction in cash. Credit cards are not accepted. They have the possibility, to receive the auction goods after paying the purchase price on the day of the auction.

    Buyers are obligated to immediately notify defects in writing (e-mail) after receipt of the auction goods, so we can work out a solution what works for everyone.

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