Kalman Bodis

More than 40 years of racing, more than 30 championships won 4 Dubai 24 hours 1st place and all this mostly with Porsches. Starting from the air-cooled era 964 Cup, 964 Clubsport, 993 Cup, 993 GT2, 993 GT1 to the water-cooled 996 GT3 Cup, 997 GT3 Cup, and even a Porsche engine powered prototype wining 4 24 hour races Kalman has raced it all and built it all. Some of his own innovations inspired Porsche racing engineers and the solutions were added to the factory race cars in the coming years. Over his long career tied together with Porsche history, he has worked on and collected some truly special cars.


25 years old engineer guy intoxicated with the air-cooled rumble. After finishing Imperial College London without hesitation joined a racing team to get real hands-on experience with the best motorsport has to offer. The stars aligned and a childhood dream came true. A beautiful 89’ 3.2 Carrera appeared and there was no question after driving it they were meant to be. Coming from an engineering and art background Hamdi is our vintage car specialist.

From Porsche guys to Porsche guys 

We wanted to create an auction site that is dedicated to the buyers and the sellers. We had some really bad experiences with auction houses so we decided to make one ourselves and do it so without making the same mistakes. We think we can do better, simply because what drives us is not profit but the flat-six love and passion.

A team of Porsche fanatics who created this auction website to help you get what you need let that be your dream car or a part to finish your project. We are happy to help you in getting what you seek.






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